Our Sponsors

Homestretch Foundation is proud to receive financial support from the following companies who believe in our mission for equality.

The Sufferfest provides free "motosuffering" to our resident-athletes.

The Sufferfest provides free "motosuffering" to our resident-athletes.

The Sufferfest

Thanks to The Sufferfest, our resident-athletes will now receive free, weekly motorpacing sessions, a key element pro riders use to build race fitness, but which is often out of reach because of the cost. The Sufferfest also provides all Homestretch Foundation athletes with unlimited use of The Sufferfest Training Centre App. The Sufferfest has always been a big supporter of women's cycling. Their training video, Hell Hath No Fury, was the first to exclusively feature female professional racing. To date, The Sufferfest has 11 videos featuring female cyclists, including the newly-released Who Dares, which is entirely comprised of footage from the UCI Women's World Tour. Sufferfest first sponsor of the UCI's Women's World Cup and continue to support many female teams and individual athletes around the world.

“The Sufferfest has always been a tremendous supporter of women’s cycling and we strongly believe in The Homestretch Foundation’s mission,” said David McQuillen, The Sufferfest CEO. “The organization is about facilitating change, promoting equality and empowering women in the cycling community. We’re proud to be a part of that movement.”