Elite/Pro Athlete Application

We are currently accepting applications from professional or elite (current or aspiring) cyclists (road, track, mountain, cyclocross) for 2018 residency at the Homestretch Foundation.  Athletes may apply at any time, but selections for the 2018 season won't officially begin until November 2017.  Runners and triathletes may apply for vacancies around the schedule of cycling residencies.  Athlete residencies will run December 2017 through May 2018. 
Please read our FAQ section first and then apply online below. 

The Homestretch Foundation FAQs:

I’m a professional or elite athlete interested in staying at The Homestretch Foundation. How exactly does it work? Is there an age requirement?

Very simple: You submit an application for residency, and if you meet our resident criteria and are accepted, our house is your house. We want you to be able to focus on your sport and reach your goals, regardless of your background, socioeconomic status or personal financial situation.  Our communal living program is designed to help you train, recover, and focus on achieving your goals.  Our residence supports 8 to 10 resident-athletes.  Each resident-athlete must be willing to accommodate a roommate when we're at full capacity. 

While your residency is rent-free, we ask each resident-athlete to donate at least two hours per week to our community. You can be a volunteer, be an educator or activist in any field that suits your interest. 

We accept resident-athletes ages 21 and up.  However, we may, in very select circumstances, offer consideration of 19 and 20-year-old elite cyclists who have "aged up" from the junior ranks, are contracted with pro/elite teams.  We do not house junior cyclists (18 & under).

How do you select Homestretch Foundation residents? Is it for women only?

First, we thoroughly review each athlete's application and resume, and assess their application based on several criteria, including: income level, financial status and need, personal goals (including athletic, educational and career goals), and general background.   If an application and resume are consistent with our criteria for potential resident-athletes, and our dates/availability match, we then set up an interview by phone, Skype or in-person.  We then make a decision as to whether we can offer residency to a prospective athlete.  We absolutely love, appreciate and value diversity.  We have accepted resident-athletes from a wide variety of personal backgrounds, ethnicities, cultures and countries.  We do, however, screen our athletes first based on their socioeconomic circumstances and financial situation/need. Our priority in the ranking of resident-athletes is as follows:

1) Professional athletes     2) Elites    3) Post-Juniors (19-20yo elites)

We also prioritize our available residencies for female applicants, given the gender pay gap and the significantly limited professional compensation opportunities for women as compared to their male counterparts.  We do, however, consider male applicants if our residency schedule permits, depending on their income, financial and professional contract status.  In 2017, we hosted three male athletes at Homestretch Foundation.  

What is the average age range of Homestretch Foundation residents?

In our first season alone, we've hosted pro/elite women  ages 19 to 41. We've also hosted three male pro/elites between ages 23 to 38. We love seeing pro athletes thrive at every age!

How long may pro/elite athletes stay?

From December through May, athletes may apply for a residency that lasts from one month to six months.  Occasionally, shorter stays may be possible. If you are not a U.S. resident, you must have a visa that allows you to stay for the appropriate duration.  It may be possible to secure a residency during the “off season” of June through November, under special circumstances. 

Homestretch just completed its first season. Who have you helped so far?

We're proud to share that our inaugural season on 2017 was quite successful! From UCI teams, national teams, international pro athletes and regional elites, we assisted:

25 pro/elite athletes: 22 women, 3 men
10 countries: USA, CAN, MEX, SCT, GBR, AUT, NED, SWE, DEN, CHI
5 different sports: Road cycling, track cycling, mountain bike, cyclocross, triathlon
2 Camps/Teams renting Homestretch in the off-season: Triathlon & Cycling
1 mission: Together we all move forward. 

What do I need to bring with me?

We supply all basic home needs, including bedding, towels, kitchen supplies, etc. We have bike pumps, stationary trainers,  standard bike tools, and even yoga mats, blocks and foam rollers. (We get it. We're athletes, too. We know what you need.) Each bedroom has a closet and/or drawer space for your clothes and personal needs.  As in any home, we ask you to keep your personal space and shared spaces tidy.

Is there wireless available?

Yes. But you still have to talk to other people in the house.

Does everyone train together and eat meals together? 

Not exactly. Each athlete is here to work toward their goals in sport (and life), and follow their own training plan. However, many of our residents end up heading out on workouts together, or at least roll together for a while before going their own route. Between the many athletes residing at the house and the many popular group rides throughout Tucson, no one at the Homestretch will ever feel "alone on the bike."  As for meals, the Homestretch has four kitchens, and athletes are responsible for their own meals. But just as in training, some athletes combine their cooking/dining. With all the milestones of life events, wins, holidays, birthdays, etc... we usually get together every couple weeks and have a group meal. Yay togetherness. We even have an official cookbook that celebrates it all... Fresh from the Homestretch.

Is there a "house mom" on the premises?

There is no official "dorm parent" or "house mom" looking after the residents. Everyone of our resident-athletes at the Homestretch is a grown-up and expected to act like one.  (Luckily, Kathryn lives next door, and she is there for all Homestretch residents in case of emergency.)  But it is up to each resident to live as a responsible adult/member of our community, and to take care of the home as if it were their own.  

I do/don’t have a car. How does that work?

We have parking available. If you don’t have a vehicle, not to worry. We are walking distance from the local shopping center, and we have commuter bikes available so you can easily fetch your groceries. For other excursions, taxis and Lyft can get you where you need to go.

As a cyclist, how close are we to great riding/training routes?

About 10 feet. Outside our front door is some of the best cycling in Arizona. Mt. Lemmon, Saguaro East Monument, Colossal Cave, Redington Pass and Sonoita all begin with just one traffic light in your path.

As a triathlete or runner, am I able to access swimming and running easily? 

Yes. There are community lap pools within 3 miles of the house. Nearby gyms & country clubs like L.A. Fitness & La Mariposa also offer a pool with their short-term memberships.  Running… we’ve got that too. Broadway Trails or Redington Pass hills are within 6 miles, and local neighborhoods and streets offer good options right outside our front door.  

If I'm not a pro cyclist/triathlete/runner, but I'm a female pro athlete in another sport, may I still apply for residency? 

Yes. We're happy to hear your story and how being part of the Homestretch Foundation might help you thrive.