What’s Next: 2021 and Beyond…

Since our inception in 2015, we’ve had one goal at Homestretch Foundation: Lobby for women’s base salary in World Tour professional cycling & help the athletes who struggle with the current gender pay gap.

Mission Accomplished: In 2020, a base salary will be introduced for women at the UCI World Tour level. In addition to the base salary victory, in our first three seasons, we have assisted 52 athletes (44 women, 8 men), from 14 countries in five disciplines of cycling (road, mountain, cyclocross, track & triathlon), three of whom are Olympians. Many of our athletes have made the jump from elite to pro while residents. When it comes to investing in women, the Homestretch Foundation is successful and thriving.

So what’s next?

We believe that UCI and USA Cycling are still not doing enough to invest in the development of women’s pro cycling. While some women at the World Tour level will have a better trajectory toward financial stability in 2020, far too many women rising through the ranks toward the World Tour level still fall through the cracks of inequality. While USAC channels the majority of their funding toward their men’s U23 program, the women receive far less financial assistance and equal opportunity. In 2019, we approached USAC to invest as a partner with Homestretch Foundation—including exclusive naming rights. USAC declined.

We believe the right partner is out there who understands investing in women will double their exposure and their ROI. We believe the right partner will step up for women’s equality and invest in us as “[Title Sponsor’s Name] Women’s Development Center powered by Homestretch Foundation.”

We are fully committed to supporting female pro/elite athletes at Homestretch Foundation through the 2020 season, while we approach potential partners to take the reins in 2021.

Should any interested, potential partners wish to contact our CEO or General Manager to discuss the business plan for partnership, please reach out on our contact page. We look forward to hearing from you!

In the meantime, onward equality!