Nevis-Homestretch Cycling Tourcamp
February 25 - March 3, 2019

Join us in St. Kitts and Nevis!

 Welcome to our 2nd annual Nevis-Homestretch Cycling Tourcamp! Join us as we train, tour and cycle in the beautiful country of St. Kitts and Nevis. February 25 - March 3, 2019.

Welcome to our 2nd annual Nevis-Homestretch Cycling Tourcamp! Join us as we train, tour and cycle in the beautiful country of St. Kitts and Nevis. February 25 - March 3, 2019.


Cyclists and Triathletes! Introducing the inaugural Nevis-Homestretch Cycling Tourcamp of 2019. Join author, activist, filmmaker and former pro cyclist & triathlete Kathryn Bertine as we head to the Caribbean islands of St. Kitts and Nevis for a unique cycling experience that benefits the Homestretch Foundation. Information, FAQs and sign up below!


Why St. Kitts & Nevis?

Three great reasons we hold our Tourcamp on the island of Nevis:

1) This beautiful country of St. Kitts & Nevis is quiet, uncrowded and wonderful.

2). Hellooo… It’s the Caribbean! Who wouldn’t want to ride bikes there in February?

3). Kathryn Bertine--the founder of Homestretch Foundation-- is a dual-citizen of St. Kitts & Nevis. She raced for SKN during her professional cycling career. She is SKN’s 6x national champion (3x road race, 3x time trial), 3x Caribbean Champion and she represented SKN at 8 UCI Road Cycling World Championships. Holding our Tourcamp in Nevis isn’t just about a great place to ride bikes in tropical places. It’s about coming home. It’s about giving back to the country that gave so much to her. Kathryn will share her stories of her life as an author, activist & pro cycling days during our Tourcamp.

Um… Tourcamp? That’s not a real word. Is this a bike tour or a training camp?

It’s both! Most cycling tours involve cross-country travels by bicycle, stopping in different locations each day. Most cycling camps stay in one location, and base their bike rides from one point, yet travel different routes each day. Here’s how we’re both a tour and a camp:  When a country is a small island (or two) we can do it all. On the island of Nevis, we can cross the entire country in one day, take different routes each day, and yet stay in the same place each night. Hence the Tourcamp. It is both a tour and a camp. 

Is this Tourcamp for cyclists or triathletes... and at what level? I'm worried about my cycling ability being too slow or too advanced. Are only  crazy-fit, fiercely-competitive folks allowed? Or do you also allow somewhat-fit, amateur age-group athletes, too?

Great question! We welcome all levels and abilities of road cyclists and triathletes. Here's how it works: The Nevis-Homestretch Cycling Tourcamp will have morning cycling workouts, divided into groups so our campers can choose what mileage/distance is right for their fitness level. In the afternoon, we'll alternate between outdoor adventures (hiking, sightseeing) and beach day relaxation.  Kathryn has lead bike tours in Europe, U.S. and Central America, and she's well-versed in adapting camps to all levels of cycling so everyone enjoys their vacation.

Since this is a cycling specific camp, we won’t provide swim & run workouts, but triathletes will have plenty of time/opportunity to swim/run in addition to cycling workouts if they so choose. So whether you're a newbie age-grouper in search of experience or a seasoned pro looking for optimal fitness, our Tourcamp can accommodate both the I'm-somewhat-fit athletes and the omg-you-can-see-all-the-veins-in-my-calves athletes. 


Can you give us a sneak peek at the itinerary?

Yes, of course!

Mon Feb 25 – Arrival Day! Take the day to settle into the hotel, assemble your bike, swim at the beach, go for a run or relax and enjoy the sun! We’ll have a welcome dinner at the hotel, and we’ll start riding tomorrow

Tue Feb 26 – International Jetlag Day. That’s not a real thing, but it feels like it on the second day of arrival. After leading many bike trips/camps/tours, Kathryn knows the best acclimation to a week of training is to go easy on the first day with a “shake out” ride.  So, we’ll only circle half of the country. On tap today is a 24mi ride, with no intervals or expectations other than shakin’ out the legs in the morning.  Triathletes are welcome to swim/run in the afternoon. Cyclists are welcome to ride more/less or relax at the beach

Wed Feb 27 – Up, Up and Away Day: Time to hit the hills for intervals and climbing skills. We’ll take you to some of the island’s great spots for hill repeat action. Today isn’t about miles, it’s about intensity. Plan to spend 2hrs on the bike. But you’re not done climbing yet… After lunch, we’re climbing up Nevis Peak. But this time, by foot! One of the best hikes on the island with an amazing view of the Caribbean.

Thur Feb 28 – This Way/That Way Day: To the left, to the left… To the right, to the right. We’re going to see Nevis from all angles. We’ll circle Nevis once clockwise, and once counterclockwise. It’s a great day for endurance and/or tempo workouts. We’ll also explore some side streets of Nevis for a total of 50 mi.  In the afternoon, head to the beach, veg out, recover & relax. That’s what islands are all about.

Fri Mar 1 – St. Kitts Day: We’ll take the ferry from Nevis to St. Kitts, and circle the big, beautiful island for a total of 70mi. We’ll stop at the historic Brimstone Fort and cruise through the capital of Basseterre. Now you’ve crossed the whole country of SKN. Congrats! Not many road cyclists can say they have…

Sat Mar 2 – The Source Day: We’ll do a short, shakeout spin in the morning. Want a new view of Nevis? Choose today’s rental option for a guided mountain bike tour. Or stay on the road bike & we’ll all meet up downtown for post-ride coffee. In the afternoon, we’ll hike up to The Source, the gorgeous waterfall where Nevis gets their drinking water.

Sun Mar 3 – Athlete’s Choice Ride OR Cross Channel Swim Day! After a week of great training and beautiful routes, we’ll divide the camp into groups so they can revisit their favorite ride. OR, choose this amazing adventure: Nevis offers an incredible event that swimmers & triathletes won't want to miss--The Cross Channel Swim takes place today! A 2.5mi open water swim from Nevis to St. Kitts. Do the whole event solo, or part of a relay. Not a swimmer? That's ok. Our campers can volunteer to be kayak guides for the brave, aquatic channel crossers.

 After the ride, swim or kayak, we’ll head out to one of Nevis’s best restaurants, as we celebrate the fantastic week we just completed!

Mon Mar 4 – Departure Day: We’ll offer a short, easy morning spin for anyone interested in getting on the bike one last day in the tropics of our favorite island.


Well, that itinerary sounds fantastic! Speaking of itinerary, there are two airports—one on St. Kitts and one on Nevis. How exactly do we get there?

Great question, fellow traveler. The closest option is to fly in Nevis (NEV). This airport is located mere miles from our hotel. Jetblue and small Caribbean airlines fly into Nevis. If you fly into NEV, we’ll pick you up anytime. If you choose to fly into St. Kitts (SKB), this necessitates a taxi & water ferry over to Nevis. For our campers flying into SKB, we will charter one group taxi/ferry from SKB at 6pm. If you arrive later than 6pm, you may book your own taxi/ferry. Plan accordingly! 


What is the cost for Nevis-Homestretch Cycling Tourcamp, what does it include, and where is it located?

We've created four options to assist in what's best for your budget.

Silver:  $2900 USD per person based on double occupancy.*  This covers 7 nights, 6 days, all meals included (breakfast, lunch & dinner), and fully supported training rides which provide nutrition, hydration & bike maintenance, sag wagon. Also included is the ferry passage to/from the airport, our day trip to St. Kitts, hiking & cultural explorations, lectures with Kathryn, and one night out on the town for a group dinner.

*If you are traveling solo, we'll match you with a roommate. 

Gold: $3300 USD per person based on single occupancy. All details above included! 

Platinum: $5000 USD per person, single occupancy. All above included, featuring an upgraded suite, Homestretch Foundation Care Package that includes a Homestretch cycling kit, shirts, books and more. 

Goin' Rogue Homestretch Supporter: $1500 per person. An option for those who want to be part of our daily rides & donate to Homestretch... but also prefer to seek their own accommodations, dining options and daily arrangements. You'll do your own thing, but you'll join us daily for our rides, our hikes, and the welcome dinner. (This option is capped at 4 participants).

No matter which category firs your budget, remember... All proceeds of this camp benefit the Homestretch Foundation, helping us move forward. We so appreciate your presence!

Accommodations for our Tourcamp will be the lovely Oualie Beach Hotel, which is right on the beach in wonderful Nevis, with great swimming, sailing and beautiful views of St. Kitts.


Ok, this Tourcamp on Nevis sounds pretty awesome. I’d like to go, but there are so many bike camps and cycling tour vacations out there… It’s really hard to choose. Can you give me one reason why I should choose yours?

Yes! We know there are so many choices for vacations, bicycle tours and cycling camps. We don’t blame you for feeling overwhelmed by choice, and we’re honored you’re considering us. Instead of bombarding you with facts, stats and testimonials, we’d like to tell you how our Nevis-Homestretch Tourcamp makes a difference: When you choose us, the proceeds of Nevis Homestretch Tourcamp go directly to the Homestretch Foundation, a nonprofit organization that assists female pro cyclists & works to dismantle the gender pay gap. These proceeds assist us in covering housing costs, upkeep, bills, fees, and all it takes to house upward of 30 female pro/elite athletes each year.  It would take many hours and paragraphs to tell you how much this foundation means to us, so we’re going to leave the link here for you to discover Homestretch Foundation.  If you’d like to know more about our Tourcamp founder and leader, Kathryn Bertine, will join us on the trip & share her journey, books, film and career in activism & equality with us.  

Ok. I'm in! What do I do now?

Fantastic! To officially sign up, send us an email and we'll send you a link where you can submit payment via PayPal, Credit Card or direct deposit. Email us here: Nevis - Homestretch Tourcamp 2019

Payment immediately secures your spot at our Tourcamp. Refund policy: If the cancellation is made between 50-30 days before departure, 50% is returned. For cancellations within 30 days (starting January 25, 2019) no refund applies. This due to operating costs incurred by Homestretch Foundation and services to our suppliers (hotels, transportation, food, etc.)