Schedules & Events

Given the Homestretch Foundation’s association with the sports of professional cycling and triathlon, we plan to conduct events where fees or profits generated will be used to support our Foundation’s activities and mission.  Such events may include charity bike rides offered to the general public, and/or cycling camps offered for smaller groups of individuals and corporate groups. We look forward to your participation at future camps and events. In the meantime, here is our 2018 schedule...

DECEMBER 2017 - JUNE 2018
Athletes in residence at Homestretch Foundation in Tucson, AZ.

Cyclists and Triathletes! Introducing the inaugural Nevis-Homestretch Cycling Tourcamp of 2019. All abilities, levels and genders welcome. Join author, activist, filmmaker and former pro cyclist/triathlete Kathryn Bertine as we head to the Caribbean islands of St. Kitts and Nevis for a unique cycling experience that benefits the Homestretch Foundation. Click here for all details!
JULY &  AUGUST  2018
Homestretch Foundation is closed for summer

Special events, groups, camps may apply to stay & support Homestretch Foundation.

SEPTEMBER 29 - OCTOBER 6 & 13 2018
We're thrilled to announce Above & Beyond Cycling in GIRONA, SPAIN will offer two camps benefitting Homestretch Foundation. From Sept 29 - Oct 6 and/or Oct 6 - Oct 13, come join our founder Kathryn Bertine in Girona at a fabulous all-inclusive cycling excursion for all levels, abilities & genders. For more info, please visit: Above and Beyond Cycling

NOVEMBER 15 -18, 2018
El Tour de Tucson-Homestretch Cycling Camp.  Join us for a 4-day residency at the Homestretch Foundation, exploring Tucson by bicycle, and riding in the famous El Tour de Tucson on Nov 17, 2018. (Details to come in September 2018).

Selected 2019 athletes will begin residence in December.